Time Marches Steadily Onward

Yes, I know, it's been ages since I posted anything. But that doesn't mean I haven't been doing stuff. In fact, my busy schedule is what's been keeping me from my posts. On top of working my two jobs, Summer Reading Club started and there was a new program in the works every time I turned around. Not that that was a bad thing, they were tons of fun! - but it kept me constantly on my toes. I was also in search of (permanent) lodgings closer to my full time job, (the more time I have to sleep-in, the better!) I did FINALLY find a place (YAY!) and now my free time is consumed with getting things ready so I can move in - furnishing/cleaning/packing . . . yeah, well, you get the idea.

Oooh, I also have to brag a little - one of my ideas for the teens at my full-time job got special recognition - Talk about exciting! I was totally unaware that the city did stuff like that; it was extremely cool to say the least. :-D But still, sometimes I get the feeling that I may be going too fast in the wrong areas and too slow in the right ones. . . Does that make any sense at all? Still, I'm just going to keep doing my best and go with the flow of things (and keep my fingers crossed.) I was also really excited to be invited to help beef up our system's graphic novel collection. We do have a few things, but it's really just all over the board - Like having Kenshin #4 & 6 only or Inu Yasha #4, 16, & 22. It's really kind of weird, but those are the things I'm hoping to fix. I'm also planning on listening heavily to what's being asked for at my branch and hopefully the librarians at the other branches are doing them same.

Anyway, I think I've jabbered enough for one post, so I'll say good night (since I should've been in bed an hour ago.) LOL!

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While the title seems a bit deceptive, it's really all in the way you look at it. ;) LOL!

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