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Okay, this isn't going to be a very long post because it's late and I have to be up VERY early tomorrow. Anyway, just wanted to let ya'll know that I've added a new section to the side bar. It's down below my reviews - My Bulletin Boards & Displays. Clicking there will take you to a page filled with all of my various designs from work along with explanations for what I was doing &/or thinking while designing and creating each one. Enjoy! :-)

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Blogger REkz commented at 8:11 PM PDT~  

this is pretty cool. Can I do this on my blog page? How'd you do it? Any hints/tips?


I found you by poking around listal.com
(your link =
http://purpledragon42.listal.com/ )



REkzkarz blog

Blogger Miranda commented at 2:23 AM PST~  

Hello there & thank you very much! :) I actually didn't do any of the serious html for my blog; it all came from another site: http://www.diaphaneity.com/

The only things I altered were the colors and the graphic, which I drew & CGed myself. You shouldn't have too much trouble setting up your blog in a similar fashion; you just have to find a layout that someone else has already made. I think I did a Google search for "blog layout" to find the one I'm using now. Sorry, I know that's not a huge help, but I hope it gives you a starting point. :)

Speaking of Listal, I really need to take some time to update; I've got so much stuff I need to add since I last visited. LOL!

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