A Few Small Changes

Well, as some of you may or may not know, ListerX is seemingly down for the count indefinitely. I don't know why it's vanished or if it will ever exist again. So, since I can no longer link to my reviews through the website, I've created some space elsewhere so that they'll still remain accessible to everyone. My hope is that one day ListerX will reappear again; I don't think I'll ever find a better site for cataloging my anime/manga collection. And believe me, over the past few weeks, I've tried. Nothing I've discovered so far on the web compares in the slightest. *heavy sigh* Anyway, I will continue to occassionally add reviews, despite ListerX's disappearance. After all, I have a ton of manga available to choose from and no reason not to continue reviewing the various series I've already started.

Unfortunately, for reasons I can't remember I didn't save my review for I Luv Halloween V.01 on my computer with all of the rest. Perhaps it was because I found it to be entirely too disturbing for my tastes, although it's possible I just forgot... Anyway, I no longer own the actual comic, so I can't even re-review it without buying another copy, which I have NO INTEREST WHATSOEVER in doing. So I'll just give a short little blurb for it here:

Fans of the horror genre, South Park, and various other dark, gory &/or comedic things will probably adore this ameri-manga. The artwork has a wonderful stylized look & the plot is creatively unique. However, the gore factor and heavy sexual innuendo both make this series an impossible choice for any school library collection. As for public libraries - well, the only way you'd get away with buying it is if it stayed safely tucked away in the Adult section...and even that might not be enough to save you if some parent were to discover it there.

So, with that said, I'll be signing off now. :-)

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